About us


We are a trust worthy dog boarder,
based in Brandon, Durham with 6 years experience.

Who we are

We are Gill and Paul and we both adore looking after dogs and having their company around the house. Our love for dogs started when we got our own two cockapoos (Jasper & Poppy). We love to take the boarding dogs on long walks and even runs if the dog is capable.

Your dog will come for a short visit to complete paperwork and for everyone to meet eachother. 

Our mission

We aim to give dogs the same care, love and attention when
they are on holiday with us that they would receive from their
owners. While your dog is visiting Cavendish Canines it will
be treated in the same way as our own. We give regular
updates and photographs on our Facebook group or via
other platforms.

The timeline

How your dog will be introduced

Trial visit

This is the first stage of our introduction. We always love for your dogs to come and get used to the surroundings and our dogs. This gives us a chance to get to know you too.

Gradual introduction

Once it’s time for your dog to come stay with us, we will gradually introduce it to the other dogs. We can only take sociable dogs, but to prevent anxiety with your dog we take things slow.

Play time

Finally it’s time for some fun! We have a reasonably sized, secure garden for playing fetch and running around with the other dogs. Soon your dog will forget it’s even away from it’s owners.